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My Birding Vehicle

Lock-down Birding Challenge
31 March, 2020

[NEW!!] So what are you up to during Lock-down in South Africa? Im going to be writing a daily post about my birding adventure whilst at home.

Cape Clapper Lark

The little bearded men of Kgomo-Kgomo
13 February, 2020

Kgomo-Kgomo, Zaagkuildrift, warblers, mud-puddling and Skippers...

My Birding Vehicle

My birding vehicle

One of the best decisions of my life was to get a reliable birding vehicle. I've written a short story about my "beloved birding bakkie"

Cape Clapper Lark

Another Big Atlas Card?

The current atlas card record for South Africa is 247 species! This is how it was done...


South Africa


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